• May 25, 2022, marks the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The UUA lifts up the life of George Floyd and honors his loved ones and his community, all of whom will have a painful and indelible memory in their hearts forever. We recognize that searing injustices and death as a result of police use of force and systemic racism continue within a militarized law enforcement that has changed little. As we resolved in 2020, the UUA is committed to making our congregations and communities authentically multicultural, multiracial, anti-oppressive spaces that dismantle anti-Blackness. We pledge to continue that important antiracist work, today and for the long haul. We remain committed to building a world in which love and justice thrive. The photo was originally published as a Moment of Reflection in our Spring 2021 edition.

  • UU News

    The UUA wants the multiplatform General Assembly to be an equitable experience for all, including the voting process. The board approved the final agenda on May 25.

    Elaine McArdle
  • Life

    Unitarian Universalist programs seek not only social justice in the wider society, but cultural transformation within.

    Elaine McArdle
  • Spirit

    Guided by faith that this too will pass / We can survive this because our ancestors survived

    Mathew P. Taylor
  • Spirit

    I call it Black Joy, but I want to offer it—to the extent that it is mine to offer—to this faith.

    Kimberly Quinn Johnson 
  • We can build on our traditions to keep pushing our boundaries.

    Karen Hutt, Lauren Wyeth, Jen Crow