Christine C. Robinson

The Rev. Christine Robinson

The Rev. Christine Robinson is retired after 29 years serving as the senior minister of the First Unitarian Church of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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By Christine C. Robinson

  • Thick stories
    Christine C. Robinson, Alicia Hawkins

    In Soul to Soul groups, silence can connect us more deeply than using words or questions.

  • Risk blessing
    Christine C. Robinson

    To avoid decline, Unitarian Universalism must risk offering heart, spirituality, and blessing.

  • Practice gratitude
    Christine C. Robinson, Alicia Hawkins
    Like hope, trust, and love, gratitude is both a feeling and a spiritual practice.
  • Imagineers of soul
    Christine C. Robinson
    In our churches, we should be sorcerer’s apprentices in the art of quenching thirst and opening the doors of meaning. Why, then, are we so scared?
  • Another solution to the rising cost of entering the ministry
    Christine C. Robinson

    Pare down the requirements for preliminary fellowship.