Arts & Music

  • Spirit

    ‘The more I worked with it, the more I liked the idea of God’s grace as three sweet teenagers following me around.’

    Barbara Gadon
  • Spirit

    ‘Birds represent the glorious continuation of their extinct dinosaur ancestors.’

    Rex LeBeau
  • Life

    A documentary about LGBTQ immigrants, a documentary about progressive religion in Oklahoma, and an animated short film about refugees have Unitarian Universalist connections.

    Elaine McArdle
  • Spirit

    Worship highlights from the UUA General Assembly in Spokane, Washington.

    Kenneth Sutton, John Benford, Nancy Pierce
  • Life

    Many artful touches make the building and grounds of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane memorable.

    Sonja L. Cohen
  • Ideas

    We need to stop banishing embodiment from our worship.

    Takiyah Nur Amin
  • Editorial

    ‘You said it was for the best if my soul remained hidden. . . . I believed you for a time.’

    Gwen­dolyn Howard
  • Spirit

    I use the tools of body paint and photography to represent myself in a way that aligns with my own aesthetic and intellectual interests.

    Shelby Meyerhoff