• Life

    A documentary about LGBTQ immigrants, a documentary about progressive religion in Oklahoma, and an animated short film about refugees have Unitarian Universalist connections.

    Elaine McArdle
  • Editorial

    Like other young gay men of my generation, I had few role models in the 1980s. I’m wrestling with the reality that I am now an elder.

    Kenneth Sutton
  • Editorial

    Members of TRUUsT, an organization of transgender and nonbinary UU religious professionals, share their stories.

  • Editorial

    ‘I thought I had to be what other people wanted me to be, but it didn’t work.’

    Sarah Weaver
  • Editorial

    ‘You said it was for the best if my soul remained hidden. . . . I believed you for a time.’

    Gwen­dolyn Howard
  • Editorial

    Unitarian Universalism has not always made space for the work of trans ministers, but the work of trans ministers has been precious and irreplaceable just the same.

    Theresa I. Soto
  • Editorial

    Thanks to my trans siblings, trans and cisgender UUs are talking about the harm caused by a recent article.

    Sam Allen
  • Editorial

    At the core of Unitarian Universalism is the idea that my truth and your truth can both be true, even if they contradict each other.

    Alex Kapitan
  • Editorial

    There is no excuse for refusing to learn, when there are teachers all around us.

    Sean Parker Dennison