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Growing up on Star Island
Looking back on my summers spent at a beloved UU retreat.
By Emma Whitford 4.28.14

We cannot hear unless there is silence.
By Tom Owen-Towle 12.26.11

The soul's address
Why do we discount our bodies as unworthy of reverence?
By Laura Randall 8.29.11

Two prose poems
I have my way of praying, as you no doubt have yours.
By Mary Oliver 1.10.11

A nation of immigrants
I couldn't help but connect the plight of these migrants to my own family history.
By Margaret Regan 1.3.11

My home, your home, our home
What can we do to help others feel at home?
By Roberto Padilla 12.13.10

Mi casa, tu casa, nuestra casa
¿Estamos dispuestos a incluir personas de diferentes culturas en nuestras congregaciones?
By Roberto Padilla 12.13.10

Surviving, without a memorial
Where are the tangible memorials to what survivors have lost?
By Cynthia Orange 11.1.10

Quilt: Into the mystery
A dead child's clothing transformed into a quilt.
By MountainWoman Silver 11.1.10

Painting: Totems
'All have come from a star nursery.'
By Lynette Blake 11.1.10

The dark llama
Standing in the shadow of the nebulae.
By Robert Walsh 10.25.10

Good works
If our beliefs have meaning, we must act as if our souls depend on it.
By Jeffrey A. Lockwood 9.20.10

Photograph Visual music
Capturing the music of the slot canyons of the Southwest.
By Beth Kingsley Hawkins and Kenneth Sutton 9.1.10

Crying out for justice
Everything is perfect, and needs a lot of work.
By James Ishmael Ford 9.1.10

Poem: Words
They tumble forth.
By Emily Kennedy 9.1.10

Painting: Dew drops
The artist invited poets to respond to her work.
By Amy Kindred and Kenneth Sutton 9.1.10

There is enough
There's enough for you. There's enough for me. We don't have to throw anybody under the bus.
By Keith Ellison 8.23.10

Black humanism's response to suffering
Suffering is not redemptive; we must take human responsibility for eradicating it.
By Colin Bossen 7.19.10

We are already in paradise
There is no land promised to any of us other than the land already given.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 6.28.10

Textile: Pulpit hanging
Symbols of the world's religions.
By Judy Dembsey 5.15.10

Sculpture: In Between
Can there be such a thing as 'Unitarian art'?
By Geoffrey Koetsch 5.15.10

The ways of the forest
Everything has a job in the forest.
By David Cohen 4.19.10

Finding spirit in the sundown
The only way to prepare for facing Alzheimer's is to remain attentive to the present moment.
By Laura Randall 3.22.10

Creations: Chalice cable hand warmers
Knitter's work reminded her of the flaming chalice.
By Alison Green Will 2.15.10

Who are you?
Do not be afraid of self-examination.
By Stephen Perrault 2.15.10

Creations: Pendant
Artist learned to make her own chalice pendant.
By Dara Schumaier 2.15.10

Creations: 'Journey of the heart' stole
The chalice and the labyrinth.
By Joyce Carey 2.15.10

Creations: Ostrich egg chalices
'Precious and delicate.'
By Linda Erzinger 2.15.10

Painting: My goddess, my love
From the stage to the canvas.
By Mollie Kellogg 1.4.10

Holy family
A family holy enough to merit the highest forms of reverence.
By Nancy McDonald Ladd 12.14.09

Poem about light
You can try to strangle light.
By Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno 11.30.09

The cathedral of the world
A twenty-first-century theology, based on the concept of one light and many windows.
By Forrest Church 11.2.09

If there is a God . . .
As an agnostic, I'm definitely an atheist about some gods. But what kind of God might be possible?
By Cynthia Landrum 11.1.09

Painting: Blue tree
Painting brings balance into my life.
By Mary Ellen Mogee 11.1.09

Painting: Chestnut fences
A connection to the 'stream of life.'
By Patricia Robin Woodruff 11.1.09

A spark of understanding
My first encounter with Unitarianism.
By Bernadette Siegel 9.14.09

Be the change
We must become, and learn to think of ourselves as, forces of history.
By Stephen M. Shick 9.14.09

Death barged in
He has been here ever since.
By Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno 8.24.09

Practice gratitude
Like hope, trust, and love, gratitude is both a feeling and a spiritual practice.
By Christine Robinson and Alicia Hawkins 8.24.09

Growing up in a UU family
People probably thought my parents were hippies because we were out-of-the-closet Unitarian Universalists.
By Laura Pedersen 7.20.09

The human condition
If the ego is about how we are separate, then the spirit is about how we are connected.
By Kenneth W. Collier 6.8.09

Lessons from an elephant sage
Speak from a place of distraction, and the elephant will not move.
By Rain T. Van Den Berg 5.25.09

Painting: Blue agave
Abstractions in nature.
By Laura Janes 5.15.09

Sabbath, an ecological spiritual delight
Slow down and walk lightly on the Earth, even if just for a moment.
By Patricia Guthmann Haresch 4.20.09

Serving Dionysus
I worshiped the gods of comedy and tragedy long before I worshiped Jesus's God.
By Victoria Weinstein 3.23.09

Totem games
Guess who I am.
By Yvonne Seon 3.23.09

Painting: Low hanging fruit
Painting is where I struggle to see the world as it is.
By Angie Reed Garner 2.15.09

A little of that human touch
Relationship insights from the Boss.
By Jeffrey B. Symynkywicz 2.2.09

A broken hallelujah
Praise in the midst of a broken world and a broken heart?
By Barbara Merritt 12.15.08

Print: Dawn on the Stono
Any ambiguity is deliberate.
By Jim Innes 11.1.08

Imagination and the wild
Crane your neck. Worm your way. Wolf it down.
By Ellen Meloy 10.27.08

How it feels to be 80
The only really upsetting thing about being old is realizing that I'm not going to see how everything comes out.
By Richard D. Leonard 9.15.08

Poem: Bad news in the ER
'Your son was at a concert when he collapsed.'
By Emily Ferrara 8.18.08

Painting: Song Sparrows in the Hosta Forest
Familiar growing, living things.
By Claire B. Clements 8.18.08

Poem: Rain on water
The sky echoes the underwater world.
By Freya Manfred 8.18.08

Painting: Carnival in Trinidad
Inner journeys.
By Marjean Willett 8.18.08

Though Jesus did not rise from the dead
Jesus died and decomposed, and yet he was right: Nothing is utterly lost.
By Andrew James Brown 8.4.08

The call of self
Finding my path when the choices I made in my twenties didn't work out.
By Manish Mishra 7.7.08

Reading for the day
Love the gift of your life and do no harm.
By Mark Belletini 6.16.08

Love and death
Facing cancer with lessons learned from my parishioners.
By Forrest Church 5.26.08

Quilt: Dominion
The aquarium is submerged, its captives free.
By Joyce Carey 5.15.08

Photographs: Hospice
Photographs of the final days of a man's life.
By Kenneth Sutton and Damon Brandt 5.15.08

Universal love
'And what church did you say you attend?'
By Esther Hurlburt 4.28.08

Ceremonies for everyday life
Establishing connections with self, family, and the earth.
By Louise Nayer and Virginia Lang 4.14.08

Praying as Unitarian Universalists
How can we pray with integrity, grace, power, and purpose?
By Wayne Arnason and Kathleen Rolenz 2.25.08

Painting: Perspective of the self
'A purposeful focus on what is most vital.'
By Steve Perrault 2.15.08

Meditation, Spring 2008
A family meditation.
By Edwin C. Lynn 2.15.08

One thing I am sure of
A chaplain's counsel to a grieving brother.
By Kate Braestrup 1.14.08

What is sacred?
The relationship of all living things.
By Patrick O'Neill 12.17.07

Feeling like an exile
Do you live in a kind of Babylon?
By John Nichols 12.3.07

What is evil?
A view of human nature grounded in human possibility rather than pathology.
By Patrick O'Neill 11.26.07

Painting: My Ostraka: History I
Reinterpretations of Athena.
By Cynthia Kukla 11.1.07

On the death of a child
Buddhist wisdom honors a brief life.
By James Ishmael Ford 11.1.07

Photograph: Chairs at Bodie
Capturing a human absence.
By Amy Cooper 11.1.07

Four haiku
Natural moments in seventeen syllables.
By Tom Stites 10.29.07

Sitting between the extremes
Why a journalist writes haiku.
By Tom Stites 10.29.07

Confessions of a prodigal volunteer
Life after burning out at church.
By Elizabeth Weber 9.10.07

Once and for all
Watching a loved one fade into dementia.
By Kathleen McTigue 8.20.07

Painting: The collector
Personal iconography.
By Beth Sobel 8.18.07

Painting: Sacred words imperfect #4
Distorted, hidden, but sacred.
By Tupper Malone 8.18.07

The death of li'l Anthrax
A more vicious little creature you could hardly imagine.
By Barbara Merritt 8.18.07

Reading our lives
Take time to read the story of your life.
By Marshall Hawkins 7.9.07

Collage: InterdepenDance
Found objects, discovered meanings.
By Brandy Bergenstock 6.18.07

The spiritual practice of hospitality
Welcoming people to our congregations is a way to encounter the mystery and wonder of life.
By David Rynick 6.18.07

Montage: Ascending
Montage of earthy spirituality.
By Edith Royce Schade 5.15.07

Don't be stingy with your faith
Unitarian Universalism saves lives. Don't keep it to yourself.
By John Gibb Millspaugh 5.14.07

What membership means
Our covenant is open to all who will enter it with us.
By Alice Blair Wesley 4.16.07

Great art and the gods
Five-year-olds in a fine art museum.
By Elaine Greensmith Jordan 3.12.07

From fear to eternity
Learning to walk backward down a cliff.
By Lyla D. Hamilton 2.26.07

Painting: Don't fence me in
Narrative symbolism on large, colorful canvases.
By Joyce Garner 2.15.07

Quilt: Great Blue rising
A heron at sunrise.
By Barbara Lydecker Crane 2.15.07

Finding a talisman
A gift brings healing and unexpected loss.
By Kimberly French 1.29.07

The emerging religious humanism
What is humanistic religious naturalism?
By William R. Murry 1.22.07

What demythologizers tell their children
Stories are for everyone.
By Susan M. Smith 12.18.06

Writers, join the planet's rescue team
Don't turn language into a weapon.
By Mary Pipher 11.27.06

Fortune cookies for the soul
If I owned a fortune cookie company.
By Meg Barnhouse 11.13.06

Painting: Stargazing
A painting is transformed in the process.
By Elizabeth A. Dion and Kenneth Sutton 11.1.06

A community bound by love
An affirmation.
By Adam Robersmith 11.1.06

Painting: Dancing Joy
The artist seeks to "breathe out peaceful uplifting imagery."
By Patricia C. Coleman and Staff Writer 11.1.06

Painting: Millennial Hope
"The hope for harmony with our diversity."
By Elizabeth A. Dion and Kenneth Sutton 11.1.06

Only forward
Time and the human spirit.
By Galen Guengerich 11.1.06

Poem for an inked daughter
A mother reaches across the generations.
By Jean Wyrick 10.16.06

Painting: Revelation
Truth revealed through human experience.
By Amy Kindred and Kenneth Sutton 9.25.06

Can Unitarian Universalists talk about failure?
Original Sin isn't a good idea. Expecting perfection isn't, either.
By David Hubner 9.25.06

Miracle flowers
The persistence of beauty in New Orleans.
By Marta I. Valentin 8.28.06

Sculpture: Tower of peace
A sculptor responds to 9/11.
By Naoma Powell and Kenneth Sutton 8.15.06

Pilgrimages: Places that touch the spirit
Glory be to time and to water.
By Paige Grant 8.7.06

Learning to resist reasonable atrocity
Too often 'commonsense' truths lead people into calamity.
By David R. Schwartz 7.24.06

Photograph: Dreamer 1
Nineteenth-century technique gives photo dreamlike quality.
By Elaine Croce-Happnie and Kenneth Sutton 7.17.06

Love as a way of life
Love your neighbor, even before disaster strikes.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 7.10.06

Poem: Those days
Summer memories.
By Mary Oliver 6.26.06

Sculpture: In praise of lesser gods
Inspired by humanity.
By Don Cheek and Tom Stites 5.29.06

Poem: Kingfisher
Feeding the birds.
By Lee Robinson 5.8.06

Unitarian Universalists and Pentecostals sing together
A chance encounter in a hotel lobby leads to new understanding.
By Jason Shelton 4.24.06

A ritual is born
Once, twice, ritual!
By Karen Lee Shelley 4.10.06

Learning to raise lifelong UUs
We're not just a religion of exiles.
By Barbara Wells ten Hove 3.27.06

Poem: Flowering
Grow a life here.
By Linda Buckmaster 3.20.06

Sculpture to remember
Symbolic richness in mixed media.
By Constance Demuth Berg and Sonja L. Cohen 2.15.06

Nature reliquaries
Artist's assemblages honor nature.
By Shaw Stuart and Kenneth Sutton 2.15.06

Many religions, but only one earth
Can reverence for the earth bring us together across religious differences?
By Patricia Montley 2.6.06

Thomas A Baillieul's paintings
Thomas A. Baillieul's paintings tempt viewers to tell a story.
By Sonja L. Cohen 12.26.05

Celebrate the Winter Solstice
Meditation for the longest night.
By Patricia Montley 12.19.05

Creche surprise
Dramatis personae, wrapped in old newsprint.
By David S. Blanchard 12.12.05

What do Unitarian Universalists believe?
Unitarian Universalists hold many beliefs in common.
By Commission on Appraisal 11.21.05

Painting by Martyl Langsdorf
By Martyl Langsdorf 11.1.05

Why liberal religion offers a better way
Liberal religious people need to reclaim the moral agenda.
By Krista Taves 10.10.05

Dawn meditation for the fall equinox
Fall equinox sunrise meditation.
By Anne Peek 9.21.05

Repression of the sublime
To realize your potential you must recognize your gifts.
By Marilyn Sewell 8.29.05

Hope in an unmarked envelope
A request for liberal religious contraband.
By Stefan M. Jonasson 8.22.05

Meditations on our cosmic significance
Who hasn't felt tiny and insignificant?
By Julie Parker Amery 8.15.05

Ganges dawn
India's Ganges River at first light.
By Staff Writer 8.15.05

Into the Light
An artist reflects on the view from an abandoned cellar.
By Kenneth Sutton 8.15.05

Midlife spirituality for women
Drawing closer to the sacred at middle age.
By Marilyn Sewell 8.1.05

El sueño final (The final dream)
Laurel Garcia Colvin creates dreamlike images using underwater photography.
By Laurel Garcia Colvin and Kenneth Sutton 7.18.05

Beltaine (May 1)
Make an altar to celebrate the senses.
By Anika Stafford 5.1.05

Bubbles of Earth
'Dust thou art,' joyfully recast
By Flora Thompson 5.1.05

The ceremony of innocence
A ceremony of innocence is a statement of faith and an act of hope.
By Galen Guengerich 1.1.05

Church of all sorts
Some faiths focus on all saints and others on all souls, but Unitarian Universalism is a faith of all sorts.
By Tom Owen-Towle 1.1.05

Was Thomas Jefferson really a Unitarian?
What makes someone 'one of us'?
By Peg Duthie 11.1.04

Playing with the Italians
Despite my father's fears, those men were not the enemy.
By Edward Frost 9.1.04

A religion of exile and personal choice
Unitarian Universalists aren't strangers to exile.
By Victoria Safford 3.1.04

Human rights and the evil of terrorism
Terrorists commit vicious human rights crimes. But they also thrive on the crimes of others.
By William F. Schulz 1.1.04

We need more patriots
Nationalism threatens the true meaning of American patriotism.
By Forrest Church 1.1.03

Philip Simmons, 1957-2002
A tribute to Philip Simmons by his editor at UU World.
By David Reich 11.1.02

Against vengeance
Witness for the things that make for peace.
By Rebecca Ann Parker 9.1.02

Passover: A meditation
The terrible blessing of the journey.
By Lynn Ungar 3.1.02

Unshakable foundations
What endures in a time of terror: A sermon from the week of 9/11.
By Galen Guengerich 1.1.02

Pacifists and pragmatists
We are not a peace church. We are not a war church.
By John Buehrens 1.1.02

Bearing witness to human diversity
A visit to Auschwitz.
By Barbara Hoag Gadon 5.1.01