Media roundup: Votes, speakers at UUA General Assembly make the news

Media roundup: Votes, speakers at UUA General Assembly make the news

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Rachel Walden


Business resolutions on Israeli divestment and Thanksgiving, as well as a racial justice rally, are highlights of the Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio. The Associated Press's advance story was picked up by twenty other news outlets before General Assembly began last Wednesday. The racial justice rally ended up taking place indoors due to concerns about inclement weather. ( Associated Press– 6.20.16)

The Unitarian roots of Thanksgiving were uncovered in a story exploring the proposed business resolution “Thanksgiving Day Reconsidered,” up for a vote on Sunday during General Assembly. “The idea of the proposal is that the UUA prepare materials to support congregations to present the Thanksgiving Day story in a way that’s more respectful of the indigenous people,” explained Mary Lu Love, president of the Ballou Channing District, which originally proposed the resolution. ( Washington Post– 6.23.16)

The crowd was so fired up during the public witness event at General Assembly that headliner the Rev. William Barber kept preaching well beyond his time limit to speak. The pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church in North Carolina and head of that state's chapter of the NAACP was clearly inspired by the crowd as he observed, “I'm trying to quit, but y'all are acting like Pentecostals.” ( Columbus Times Dispatch– 6.24.16)

UU World reported live from Columbus throughout General Assembly.

Orlando UUs focus on community, healing after shooting

A worship service at First Unitarian Church in Orlando, Florida, one week after the tragic shooting at a local gay nightclub was somber and deeply meaningful, especially for LGBTQ members of the church. For church member Nicki Drumb and her wife Rachel Gardiner, the Sunday service offered just the comfort they needed as they struggled through their grieving process. The Rev. Kathy Schmitz began her sermon by asking “Where do we go from here?” ( Orlando Sentinel– 6.19.16)

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