Statue of Liberty
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Declaration of conscience
We will oppose any and all unjust government actions to deport, register, discriminate, or despoil.
by Peter Morales and Tom Andrews

Be a patriot 
Twenty lessons for citizens of an imperiled democracy, from a scholar of twentieth-century catastrophes.
by Timothy Snyder

John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park in Tulsa
© Michael (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Humiliation and hostility: A riot lives on 
In Tulsa, racial justice activists work to overcome the legacy of a 1921 riot that killed as many as 300 black people. 
by Elaine McArdle and Kenny Wiley

Young woman lights chalice at a GA
© Nancy Pierce/UUA

March madness: The most UU thing ever, MMXVII edition
UU World’s annual contest to crown the most UU thing ever starts March 6.
by Kenny Wiley


Find your team
There has never been a better time to invest in groups that bring you joy, that strengthen you, and that work for justice.
by Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

Sanctuary and gospel 
Ultimately public policy is an expression of something deeper.
by Peter Morales in From the president


Dr. Carolyn Wolf-Gould has made transgender care a mission at her clinic and at the UU Society of Oneonta.
© 2016 Flynn Larsen, Courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

A doctor makes transgender care her priority 
A UU-founded family practice in rural New York offers transgender patients the services they need.
by Elaine McArdle

Alaska fellowship races to get gender-accurate IDs for transgender people 
Unitarian Universalist fellowship mobilizes to help before Trump administration rolls back rights. 
by Michael Hart | Abridged in print edition

Illustration of person holding up giant fist.
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Field notes for the resistance 
How to defend the values we uphold.
by Janet Hayes

Spiritual landmark: First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
Its floor-to-ceiling windows, views of the Ottawa River and hills, and warm wood tones inspire awe.
by Sonja L. Cohen

Awkward conversations
There are people who say they love us, but who voted for someone whose policies and promises threaten us and our beloveds.
by Meg Barnhouse | Published online under the title “Here come the awkward holidays”


Illustration woman's face flowers
© Robert Neubecker

The call to prayer
The power of prayer is to transform the one who prays.
by Nancy McDonald Ladd

Love as the ethical basis
My humanism is shaped by love.
by Ginger Luke

Homeless in Liberty Park
by Suzanne Graham Storer in Creations

Translating faith
Chaplains help patients translate their own experience into personal story.
by Nathan Mesnikoff

Creations The Dharma.Mixed media (collage on collograph), 11 x 14 inches.
© 2015 Elizabeth Halfacre

The Dharma
A collage representing the benefits of the artist’s meditation practice.
by Elizabeth Halfacre in Creations

A guide to ACTS prayer
Questions to help you find your own way to pray.
by Ashley Horan


Unitarian Universalists join the faith contingent for the Peoples Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014.
© Peter Bowden CC BY-ND 2.0

What now for Americans and climate change? 
The new administration poses grave challenges, but don’t give up the fight just yet.
by Shelby Meyerhoff

Another solution to the rising cost of entering the ministry
Pare down the requirements for preliminary fellowship.
by Christine Robinson

Prince, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie illustrated as angels playing guitars.
© 2016 Robert Neubecker

Saints of freedom
Bowie, Prince, and Cohen slashed through repression, urging us to be rapturously unshackled and alive.
by Elaine McArdle

Humanism at 100
Across a century of change, Humanism has continued to evolve.
by Kris Willcox in Looking back

Essentials of Humanism
The deepest and most enduring pleasures require cultivation.
by Kendyl Gibbons

Blog roundup
by Heather Christensen

Top ten online 
Most frequently visited stories on, September 19, 2016–January 1, 2017


The print edition contains abridged versions of stories that first appeared on

Leslie Mac and the Rev. Carlton Elliott Smith of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism requested $5.3 million from the UUA Board of Trustees for BLUU during the board’s October 2016 meeting.
© 2016 Jeanne Pupke

UUA Board of Trustees commits $5.3 million to Black Lives of UU 
Historic decision to meet BLUU’s funding request will require fundraising, may draw on endowment.
by Elaine McArdle

Attendance surges at Unitarian Universalist congregations after Trump’s election
UUs went to church in large numbers yearning for community, solidarity, and ways to serve.
by Tina Porter

The Rev. Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, speaks to interfaith clergy who gathered November 3 in support of the Sioux Nation’s protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
© 2016 Dea Brayden

More than 50 UU clergy join action at Standing Rock 
10 percent of interfaith allies at Dakota pipeline protest last week were Unitarian Universalists
by Michael Hart

Unitarian Universalist allies cheer Standing Rock delay
Close to 200 Unitarian Universalists joined Interfaith Day of Prayer, where word spread that construction would halt.
by Heather Beasley Doyle

Annual Program Fund will move to percent-of-budget model 
Formula and timeline still in the works, but UUA will switch from per-member to percent-of-budget funding model.
by Elaine McArdle

Under government audit, Canadian Unitarians revise statement of purpose 
Canadian Unitarian Council removes “work for justice” from its charitable purposes to comply with tax authority while adopting new vision statement.
by Elaine McArdle

Meet the UUA board’s two new youth observers 
Andrea Briscoe, Bailey Saddlemire look to connect UU youth to the association.
by Elaine McArdle

$2 million gift will fund scholarships at Starr King
Gift from family of the late David Lewis will provide full-tuition scholarships at Berkeley seminary.
by Elaine McArdle

UUA honored for supporting employees in military reserve
UUA one of few religious organizations that voluntarily complies with law mandating accommodations for employees in military reserves.
by Lauren Walleser

Follow the UUA presidential campaign
Regional candidate forums begin February 25; with three candidates on ballot, UUA will use instant run-off voting for first time since 1977.
by Christopher L. Walton

Images of support chalked on neighborhood sidewalks "Neighborhood love notes"
© Ashley Horan

After election, UUs share love messages
Congregational news, building updates, and congregational anniversaries.
by Kenny Wiley and Lauren Walleser

UUs attend climate justice week of action in Louisiana 
Protest offshore drilling in Gulf, help flood victims in Baton Rouge.
by Elaine McArdle

UUs in the Media
Selections from UU World’s weekly guide to stories about Unitarian Universalists from other media sources.
by Rachel Walden and Lauren Walleser

Abridged for print from the full obituaries published by the UU Ministers Association.

Creative interfaith connections
UU congregations interact with other faith communities in ways that go beyond social justice.
by Michael Hart in Inside

Making a gift for the future
The UUA has resources to help organize a planned giving program in your congregation.
by Michael Hart in Inside


UU World Digital
Subscribe to the digital replica edition, optimized for tablets, laptops, and desktops.
by Qmags

Audio recordings
Audio recordings of selected UU World stories.
by Don Hymel