The black oak is a bodhisattva
Simply by existing, it serves many others. For human beings in an era of climate change, the work of the bodhisattva is a path of kindness, a choice to serve others as a way of life.
by Stephanie Kaza

Selfies of transgender UU professionals.

Courtesy of TRUUsT

Courtesy of TRUUsT

We’re right here
Members of TRUUsT, an organization of transgender and nonbinary UU religious professionals, share their stories.
by Sean Parker Dennison, Alex Kapitan, Sam Allen, Jami A. Yandle, Theresa I. Soto, Gwendolyn Howard, and Sarah Weaver


What we can be
‘At its best our Unitarian Universalist World will be a tangible reflection of what we are and will provide impetus toward what we can be.’ 
by Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

An essential spiritual and moral value
If our justice work does not emerge from the moral and spiritual value of love, in the end it will reinforce practices of domination and violence, just in new forms.
by Susan Frederick-Gray in From the president

Stock photo of a group of people looking up with their thumbs up

© skynesher/iStock

© skynesher/iStock

The power of we (PDF)
Four-page insert adapted from Tapestry of Faith lifespan faith development programs.
by the UUA Faith Development Office in Families Weave a Tapestry of Faith


two people hugging, one with an "inmate" shirt.

© 2019 Kim Oanh Nguyen

© 2019 Kim Oanh Nguyen

The First Principle at work in prisons
Two UU ministers work together as chaplains in Oregon’s women’s prison.
by Elaine McArdle

‘I see you. You’re there. You’re not forgotten.’
The Church of the Larger Fellowship’s prison ministry.
by Kris Willcox

Meditation: Conch shell
by Jess Reynolds

UU mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck is first woman to win Abel Prize
by Andrea Dulanto

On religious grounds
Historic church wins three-year battle to install solar panels on its building.
by Heather Beasley Doyle


A search for truth and meaning
I discovered Unitarian Universalism at age 13.
by Aneesa Shaikh

Watercolor of a forest scene by Anne Cohen.

© 2017 Anne Cohen

© 2017 Anne Cohen

Creations: Painting is a spiritual practice 
by Anne Cohen

Moving mountains one stone at a time
Our work for social justice.
by Elizabeth Nguyen


detail of Painting: "Storming" by Ikahl Beckford, oil on canvas. A group of figures crowded and dancing or swaying

© 2014 Ikahl Beckford (Private Collection/Bridgeman images)

© 2014 Ikahl Beckford (Private Collection/Bridgeman images)

Time to dance
We need to stop banishing embodiment from worship.
by Takiyah Nur Amin

Creating a greener General Assembly
The legacy of Jan Sneegas. 
by Elaine McArdle

Looking Back: ‘Always in beta’
The Church of the Larger Fellowship turns 75.
by Kris Willcox

Corruption of democracy
Three recent books examine fascism’s resurgence.
by Doug Muder

Blog roundup
by Heather Christensen

Top ten online


The print edition contains abridged versions of stories that may have appeared first on

Connor Wertz at a Student climate protest.

© 2019 Benjy Renton

© 2019 Benjy Renton

UUs among leaders of youth climate strike
Young Unitarian Universalists helped organize student walkouts in several cities on March 15 to demand action on climate change. 
by Elaine McArdle

Interfaith Power & Light honors UU congregations for climate change work
Iowa and Massachusetts congregations win awards in Interfaith Power & Light’s Cool Congregations Challenge.
by Elaine McArdle

BLUU announces black theology symposium
Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism drafts bylaws, introduces membership program, and works to end cash bail.
by Elaine McArdle

Media roundup: Woman takes asylum at Maryland congregation
NPR launches podcast about murder of James Reeb in 1965; Essence profiles Leslie Mac; Tim Berners-Lee reflects on thirtieth anniversary of the World Wide Web.
compiled by Sonja L. Cohen

DRUUMM: Rooted in renewal 
Commentary: UUA and people of color network are working toward a memo of understanding and ongoing support.
by DRUUMM Steering Committee

Leader Lab offers training for congregational boards
New from the UUA: Practical resources for congregational leaders.
by Christopher L. Walton

Commission invites UUs to build ‘truly hospitable’ faith 
Perspectives from the UUA’s Commission on Institutional Change. More:

Trustee Tim Atkins resigns from UUA board
Atkins stepped down in January, saying he objected to moderator election plan and board’s use of executive session.
by Elaine McArdle

Clergy obituaries
Abridged for print from the full obituaries published by the UU Ministers Association.


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