Community spirit
An Oregon congregation experiences rapid growth and builds a grand new home without surrendering its culture.
by Elaine McArdle

Songs when you need them
For Ysaye Barnwell, music can be your shield and sword.
by Kimberly French

The United States of Otherness
Selected poems from Love Beyond God.
by Adam Lawrence Dyer


Seeds of hatred and division
Donald Trump has marshaled a movement that isn’t going to evaporate.
by Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

Liberal religion’s multifaith future
Religious liberals from all traditions share not only common values, but also a common cosmology.
by Peter Morales in From the president

Gender on the agenda (PDF)
Four-page insert adapted from Tapestry of Faith lifespan faith development programs.
by the UUA Faith Development Office in Families Weave a Tapestry of Faith


Blurring denominational lines
Clergy in interfaith settings benefit from American society’s changing religious landscape.
by Heather Beasley Doyle

Engaging with youth about antiracism
‘Young people are really hungry for opportunities to talk about these issues.’
by Nicole Sweeny Etter

Connect with the universe at UBarU
‘It would be hard to gaze at the magnificent night sky above UBarU and not feel some form of spiritual connection to the universe.’
by Sonja L. Cohen

The most UU thing ever
The online question was simple: What’s the most UU thing of all time?
by Kenny Wiley

Saving ants
As their spiritual educator, I’m teaching my kids the importance of authenticity.
by Christine Organ


Committing to love and hope
A black UU and her mostly white church grow and change together, and challenge one another.
by Michele David

The disturbing inbreaking of inconvenient truth
When I try to detour around the promptings of the Holy, I inevitably get busted.
by Victoria Weinstein

Our life’s ultimate meaning
‘Salvation’ isn’t a word Unitarian Universalists use much anymore.
by Scotty McLennan

Creations: Black Lives Matter altar
Transforming a vandal’s cinderblock.
by Kenneth Sutton


At 150, Beatrix Potter still delights
The beloved children’s author was also a talented scientific illustrator and conservationist.
by Kris Willcox

The liberalism and unitarianism of Islam
Liberal Islam and liberal Unitarianism each affirm human rights—via two very distinct paths.
by Myriam Renaud

The road back to being human together
Multifaith coalition is the redemptive spark for a polarized people.
by Robin Tanner

The queer path of Christian virtue
Exploring the queerness of the Christian tradition can shed light on its content.
by Elizabeth M. Edman

Blog roundup
Highlights from the Unitarian Universalist blogosphere, October 2015 to January 2016.
by Heather Christensen

Top ten online
Most frequently visited stories on, January 4–April 10, 2016.


The print edition contains abridged versions of stories that first appeared on

UUs fight to stop gas pipeline
by Elaine McArdle

Flint water crisis spurs UUs to action
by Francine Knowles

Nominee exits raceanother candidate joins
by Christopher L. Walton and Elaine McArdle in UUAVote2017

Boy Scouts renew UUA relationship
by Joshua Eaton

UUs arrested at anti-KKK protest
by Kenny Wiley

Tom Andrews named UUSC president
by Staff Writer

Starr King’s Ibrahim Farajajé dies
by Christopher L. Walton

UUA’s UN rep leads NGO group
by Elaine McArdle

UUs in the Media roundup
by Rachel Walden

Recent actions of the UUA board
by Elaine McArdle

GA resolutions: Israel; Pilgrims’ 400th
by Elaine McArdle

Keys to campus ministry success
by Michael Hart in Inside

Bridging into adulthood at GA
by Michael Hart in Inside

Bridging is a ritual, a process, a commitment
by Annie Gonzalez Milliken in Inside

Abridged for print from the full obituaries published by the UU Ministers Association.


UU World Digital, Summer 2016
Subscribe to the digital replica edition, optimized for tablets, laptops, and desktops.
by Qmags

Audio recordings
Audio recordings of selected UU World stories.
By Don Hymel