Together Apart: Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Rev. Lara Hoke placed photographs of congregants of First Church Unitarian in Littleton, Massachusetts, on the pews where she was accustomed to seeing them after the congregation stopped holding worship services during the covid-19 shutdown.

© 2020 Lara Hoke

© 2020 Lara Hoke

Gathering online is a ‘forced exercise in emergence’by Elaine McArdle

‘We are connected / in ways that are terrifying and beautiful’by Lynn Ungar

We are living in the ‘Except’by Joanna Fontaine Crawford

‘Your sacredness does not come from your doing’by Sarah Stewart

The art of living through a pandemicby Mark Belletini

Spiral spiritual practiceby Karen G. Johnston

A blessing for the one in the scrubsby Julia Hamilton

Church opens childcare center for healthcare workersby Elaine McArdle

UUA’s pandemic resources help congregations adaptby Christopher L. Walton

Blog roundup: ‘To hope even while experiencing fear’by Heather Christensen

General Assembly will take place entirely onlineby Elaine McArdle

UUA closes Boston office, employees work from homeby Elaine McArdle

Media roundup: UUs reached out, connected online


When the pastoral becomes prophetic
by Susan Frederick-Gray in From the president

Uncertain times
by Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

Stock photo of a person looking up with raised hands in a sunny forest. Shot from below.

© iStock/stockstudioX

© iStock/stockstudioX

Rooted and ready to rise
Four-page insert adapted from Tapestry of Faith lifespan faith development programs.
by the UUA Faith Development Office in Families Weave a Tapestry of Faith

 Illustration of a group of people painting over a medical receipt, covering it up.

© 2020 Eva Vázquez

© 2020 Eva Vázquez


Connecting in the time of covid-19
Offering worship services and other opportunities to connect online is ‘a forced exercise in emergence.’
by Elaine McArdle

The UUs making medical debt disappear
A Tennessee congregation erases $4.2 million in debt for people in need.
by Elaine McArdle

Poem:How to survive the apocalypse
by Sean Parker Dennison

Poem:In praise of praise
by Sean Parker Dennison

Expanding the sex-ed audience
Owl offers new program for adults aged 50 and over.
by Andrea Dulanto

Close up of a quilt of a flaming chalice. Reds, oranges and yellows.

© 2012 Peg Green

© 2012 Peg Green


Poem: Pandemic
by Lynn Ungar

Creations: Pandemic/fear and hope
by Nancy Pierce

Prayer is an act of preparation
by Susan Frederick-Gray

A practice of relationality
by Manish Mishra-Marzetti

Creations:Glory fire chalice quilt
by Peg Green

A practice of sacred conversations
by Jennifer Kelleher

Close up:  jessie little doe baird hugs an attendee at a November 2017 celebration at the Old Indian Meeting House in Mashpee, Massachusetts.

© 2017 AP Photo/Steven Senne

© 2017 AP Photo/Steven Senne


Amid pandemic and Pilgrim anniversary, Mashpee Wampanoag tribe faces new threat
by Elaine McArdle

Film to note:The Condor & the Eagle

Welcoming words
Sometimes simple language can be the most effective.
by Liz James

Investing in change
As UUA treasurer and CFO, Tim Brennan led on shareholder advocacy.
by Elaine McArdle

Book to note:Redemption Songs: A Year in the Life of a Community Prison Choir

Backyard chickens enable more sustainable lives
by Marion Patterson and Rich Patterson

Blog roundup
by Heather Christensen

Top ten online

Nicole Pressley, national organizer for the UUA’s UU the Vote campaign.

© 2020 Nicole Pressley

© 2020 Nicole Pressley


The print edition contains abridged versions of stories that may have appeared first on

UU the Vote organizers lay groundwork for November and beyond
by Joshua Eaton

UUA General Assembly will take place entirely online in June

UU Worldwill now publish twice a year

UUA urges congregations not to gather in person during covid-19 pandemic

As co-moderators’ term nears end, leaders reflect on their impact

Congregational news

Media roundup

Clergy obituaries
Abridged for print from the full obituaries published by the UU Ministers Association.


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