The call of our faith
What is it in Unitarian Universalism’s core message that demands that its people work toward building multicultural, antiracist Beloved Community?
by Nancy Palmer Jones and Karin Lin


Let’s ‘UU the Vote’
by Susan Frederick-Gray in From the president

UUA mission priorities
by Christopher L. Walton in From the editor

stock photo of indigenious adult and kid blowing bubbles together.

© FatCamera/iStock

© fatcamera/sabelskaya/istock

Indigenous Americans: A time to reclaim
Four-page insert adapted from Tapestry of Faith lifespan faith development programs.
by the UUA Faith Development Office in Families Weave a Tapestry of Faith


Living in limbo
For those in sanctuary, life is a waiting game.
by Arthur Hirsch

UU values on display in three recent films
Unsettled, American Heretics, and Beacon.
by Elaine McArdle

Commander Michaus Williams with mentee Alex Wiley, who spent four weeks interning with the Naperville Police.

© 2019 Edward Weiland Photography

© 2019 Edward Weiland Photography

SMILE Project helps teens realize their potential 
A Breakthrough Congregation’s internship program offers Illinois teens valuable work experience.
by Sherri Daye Scott

In cohousing communities, UU seniors are finding new ways to ‘age in place’
by Kris Willcox

Welcome to UUism: Why do we take an offering?
by Liz James


Allowing meditation to be messy
Rethinking what ‘successful’ meditation looks like.
by Becky Brooks and Erika Hewitt

charcoal on paper drawing of a bird. Black and white.

© 2017 Rex LeBeau

© 2017 Rex LeBeau

Creations: Shadow
by Rex LeBeau

Spirituality on the go
UUA releases new WorshipWeb app.

Creations: Shirley, Goodness and Mercy
by Barbara Gadon

Poem: My grandmother’s grinding stone / El molcajete de mi abuelita
by Theresa I. Soto

Braiding garlic
In tragic times, we come together in strength and love.
by Paige Grant


The existential issue of our time
Extinction Rebellion, a rapidly growing network pressing governments to declare a climate emergency, gives many Unitarian Universalists ways to mobilize, grieve, and imagine.
by Elaine McArdle

Give me children and I (and they) shall die
In the fight for reproductive rights, we must discuss racial disparities in health care.
by Kim Hampton

Faith in finance
Responsible investing means aligning your financial goals with your values.
by Rachel V. Burlock

Stock photo of a magnified snowflake.

© ChaoticMind75/ iStock

© ChaoticMind75/iStock

Snowflakes rising
It’s time we reclaim the snowflake story in all its intertwined ramifications.
by Robin Colgrove

Letters to the editor

Blog roundup
by Heather Christensen

Top ten online


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Photo from the September 2019 Climate Strike in Maryville, TN

Courtesy Laura Bogle

Courtesy Laura Bogle

UUs rally to youth-led global climate strike 
Youth-led strikes for urgent action on climate change in September drew 4 million people worldwide, including countless Unitarian Universalists. 
by Elaine McArdle

UUs help host indigenous-led convergence
by Elaine McArdle

UUA Common Read focuses on indigenous peoples’ experience

Commission on Institutional Change survey reveals strong support for antiracism work
60 percent of survey respondents see antiracism work as most important to future of Unitarian Universalism.
by Elaine McArdle

New from the UUA: ‘Conversations for Liberation’ helps UUs address antiracism conflicts 
Leaders of the UUA, affiliated professional organizations, and identity groups ask congregations to hold conversations and submit feedback by December 20.

Congregational news
Historic churches get building upgrades, memorial to the Rev. James Reeb unveiled in Wyoming

Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal is closing
New Orleans service and learning center, founded after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, is closing at the end of November.
by Elaine McArdle

Media roundup
UU minister hired by presidential campaign as faith outreach director; massive volunteer commitment to offer sanctuary; Levi Draheim on climate emergency.

Clergy obituaries
Abridged for print from the full obituaries published by the UU Ministers Association.


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